How to Stop Mindless Eating

You know the story: You woke up at dawn to squeeze in a workout, had a tiring day at work, washed the dishes and took the trash out, walked the dog, put the kids to bed, and finally get 30 minutes to yourself. You collapse on the couch for some mindless television watching, bowl of buttered popcorn and beer/wine/diet soda glass nearby. As you unwind, you’re likely not thinking about how much popcorn you’re shoveling into your mouth… unless your fingers scrape the bottom of the deep porcelain bow

Cleanse vs. Detox: What's the Difference?

If you’ve ever tried to break a plateau, beat the bloat, or get back on track after a little too much mac and cheese, someone has probably suggested doing a cleanse or detox diet to get things going again. Cleansing and detoxing are getting a ton of hype right now — do a Google search for “detox” or “cleanse” and you’ll get millions of results. Turns out you can pretty much cleanse or detox almost every aspect of your life — end toxic relationships, block toxic trolls on social media, or do a “

CORE DE FORCE Meal Prep for the 1,800–2,100 Calorie Level

The CORE DE FORCE meal prep follows the program’s Eating Plan and makes planning — and eating! — healthy meals straightforward and delicious, so you can begin to see results faster. Don’t have CORE DE FORCE? Get it here! When you’re trying to get in knock-out shape, you need to fuel those hard-hitting workouts with the right foods in the proper portions. But figuring out what to eat to get killer results shouldn’t have to be a battle. This meal prep plan removes the guesswork, keeps you satisfi


How can we ensure AI isn't used for warfare?

The weaponization of technology is as old as warfare itself. Throughout history, innovations from dynamite to the airplane have been used for unintended, and often destructive, purposes. Today’s technological boom—what is often referred to as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’—is ushering in a suite of technologies that have the potential to transform society, but they can also be repurposed for malicious ends. The growing range of artificial intelligence-based innovations are no exception.

Barbara Bush’s Remarkable Legacy Accelerating Impact for Family Literacy

We at XPRIZE are saddened to hear of the passing of Mrs. Barbara Bush. Mrs. Bush was a passionate, selfless and dedicated champion for family literacy whose vision for a world where every child and parent has an opportunity for a better life through education was as audacious in its optimism as it was hopeful in its ambition. On this solemn occasion, we celebrate her remarkable legacy. Mrs. Bush believed in the power of parents as educators and role models. With that dream, she always kept us a[...]

Ten Teams From Five Countries Advance To Finals Of $20M

Finalists Reimagine Carbon and Will Demonstrate CO2 Conversion Tech Under Real-World Conditions NEW YORK (April 9, 2018) — XPRIZE, the world’s leader in designing and managing incentive competitions to solve humanity’s grand challenges, today announced the 10 teams advancing to the final round in the $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE. This four-and-a-half-year global competition challenges teams to transform the way the world addresses carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through breakthrough circular car

2016 Annual Report

For the XPRIZE Foundation, 2016 was a pivotal and evolutionary year. As Peter H. Diamandis, Founder and Executive Chairman, describes it: “2016 represents a new epoch in the Foundation’s history, and the beginning of one of XPRIZE’s most significant and exciting transformations.” In March 2016 I was fortunate enough to have the honor and privilege of joining the XPRIZE organization and team as its new Chief Executive Officer, with my predecessor and dear friend, Peter, continuing in an active[...]

bSmart Guide


For college-educated women, the average age to have a child is 31. This is typically when you’re starting to hit your stride professionally and the inflection point for when your career is about to take off. If that’s the time when you have a baby, there’s a good chance someone could inadvertently hold you back from fulfilling your potential by making assumptions about what you want or need as an expecting mother. To combat this, you should start preparing really early (you can start in your 20s) to set yourself up for success by building a strong network and speaking up about what you want and what you care about.

New Year...Same Me: Investing In Your Future Self

College is over: I have officially been an ‘adult’ for six months. While the term ‘adult' - also used in the verb form ‘adulting’ - has many different meanings, often constructed by the individual use in various contexts, I'm choosing the definition of post-grad, supporting myself, and living on my own in a new city. I'm contributing to corporate America through a salaried sales and consulting position at a tech company; my roommate and I live in Santa Monica; I pay all my own bills; and I just bought a 2013 Honda Civic. Happy New Year everyone...nothing screams ‘adulthood’ like making car payments!

How I Found Feminism and Overcame Institutional Sexism

Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Although this statement is fairly simple, ‘feminist’ seems to be the most threatening F word in the English language. I've heard many of my peers exclaim that, though they are firm believers in equal rights, they just can't identify with a group of people who are aggressive and man-hating. After taking a women's studies course my freshman year of college, I learned to shake the common misconception that every feminist yells their opinions and doesn't shave their armpits.


As a college student and developing young professional, I'm constantly invited to events and meetings where the dress code reads ‘business casual.’ While I'm excited for these opportunities, in the back of my mind I am usually panicking and thinking, ‘WTF does that even mean?’ The good news is, I know I’m not alone. Time and time again, when I’ve asked peers, advisors, family, and professional colleagues, the answer to ‘how do I dress business casual?’ always produces an unclear set of guidelines like ‘probably a skirt and shirt,’ or an equally confused, ‘I honestly don’t really know.’ It seems like this dress code wouldn’t be hard, and for some who already have a fully stocked professional wardrobe, maybe it isn’t. But for me, a student who has neither the time nor means to buy a new set of business clothes, dressing business casual often results in staring at the closet for hours, wondering which tops, skirts, and pants are juuuuust the right combination of both ‘business’ and ‘casual.’


If you’re wondering what it takes to become the world’s most powerful woman, here’s the name you should know: Angela Merkel. She’s the Chancellor of Germany and leader of the Christian Democratic Union—the first female in either office—and she’s done much more than win the election three consecutive times. In what will be a decade in office this year, Merkel boasts an accomplished track record. From fervently fighting off Germany’s recession to revolutionizing energy reform, her politics have proven to be influential and effective in making her the so-called de-facto leader of Europe.