7 Things You Must Keep Reminding Yourself During Your Post-College Job Hunt

Apply to jobs in places where you can envision yourself living; somewhere you won’t feel completely alone, somewhere you’ll want to get off your couch at night after a long day in the office to go explore, somewhere you can afford the rent without needing to live paycheck to paycheck. It will be important to like the job you’re working, but just as important to live somewhere you can build a life for yourself outside of work. Of course you need to think about what kind of job will make you happ

4 Changes in Perspective We Could All Benefit From

Over the last year I’ve experienced some of the most remarkable, eye-opening, and challenging events of my life — I studied in a foreign country, fell in (and out) of love for the first time, graduated college — and yet many times I forgot to live these moments with an eye for finding the loveliness within them. However, in the time of reflection that always seems to occur before a new year begins, I’ve come to realize 4 ways I can alter my perspective so that I can live my life to the fullest.

An Open Letter To My Ex-Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend

I know why you fell for him. His eagerness to share everything about his childhood, his family, his fears, his aspirations. He didn’t play games with you. He texted you when he was free and he let you know when he was busy. He sat with you forehead to forehead telling you that he’s over “playing around” and that all he wants is to fall in love—with you. He swears he’s never felt the way he does now. But what you don’t know yet is that he’s not into playing around with other girls. He’s into play

8 Times That I’ve Hated Myself (And Why That’s Totally Okay)

Sometimes I hate myself when I look in the mirror. I hate my eyes that are too big, my skin that is too red, my hair that is too thin, my teeth that stick out too far (or at least so my dentist says). Sometimes I hate myself for being too large. I hate myself for being too tall, too wide, for having too much extra fat on my waist and my thighs. Sometimes when I give in and step on a scale all I want to do is cry. I hate myself for seeing a number that I don’t like. Sometimes I hate myself for

15 Things That Happen When You Try Dating For the First Time After A Breakup

1. You spend way too much time over-thinking what will happen on the first date. You don’t know what to talk about with someone you barely know, and you don’t know what to wear because it’s only going to coffee so you should look casual but you also want to wear something really hot and you end up sending pictures of all your clothing options to your best friends begging for help. 2. You get your signals crossed and show up at a different Starbucks than the one he is at because there are LITERA

Why I’m Thankful I Fell In Love With The Wrong Guy

A few months into what was already a doomed relationship, I wrote what I considered to be the most romantic, heartfelt thought to the first man I had ever loved. In between showering him with the usual encomiums about his gorgeous blue eyes and sweet smile, I told him, “I will always be thankful that I met and fell in love with you.” Another few months later, we were already calling it quits, and even though I spent months recovering from being rocked to my core by a relationship that was both