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Let’s Talk Body Image

Did you know that approximately 65 percent of American women between the ages of 25 and 45 have reported experiencing disordered eating behaviors? And the number of women who feel dissatisfaction with their appearance only grows from there. If you’ve ever struggled with body image, know that you are not alone. But here’s the good news. The past few years have seen an uptick in the body positivity movement, and we are HERE FOR IT. At Ready to Thrive! we believe a few very important things{...}

Epic Snack Roundup

Today, we're launching a brand-new series on this blog called the EPIC SNACK ROUNDUP! Every week, we'll bring you news of the best of snacks from around the world. May your snacking achieve new levels of greatness. When we heard about this new snack, we couldn't believe our ears. Kentucky Fried Chicken fans, have you ever tried eating some chicken between mac 'n' cheese? The fast food chain released their new Mac 'N' Cheese Zinger in Singapore last month...a bun made entirely out of fried{...}

Our Favorite Healthy Granola Options

Here at Ready to Thrive!, we love topping our smoothies and smoothie bowls with an absolutely delicious granola! But did you know that not all granola options are actually good for you? A lot of brands you can find in your local grocery store are filled with added sugars and tons of preservatives, so it’s important to read your labels and make sure you’re buying a granola that fits into your healthy lifestyle. Here are some great options for a healthy granola that you’ll love!

Are Smoothies Actually Kid-Friendly?

Figuring out how to make sure your child is getting enough nutrients is one of the biggest #parenthoodstruggles there is, especially when you have a picky eater on your hands! Smoothies have become a go-to option for kids—not only are they quick and easy to make, they are also tasty enough for even the pickiest eater to enjoy! But there are a few guidelines to follow in order to make sure the smoothies you’re giving your children are actually good for them.

How to Build Your Dream Smoothie Bowl

The summertime heat is here, and that means we’re only craving one thing for breakfast—smoothie bowls, of course! Whether you like yours simple or dolled up, we have the key to building the perfect smoothie bowl every single day. Be sure to show us how you make yours by tagging @readytothrivebrand on Instagram! Blend the perfect base. All you need for this is a Ready to Thrive! smoothie cup and your favorite liquid. Feeling fruity? Try coconut water to get the most out of the fruit flavors{...}

So It’s the First Day of Your Diet...

Look, we get it. May is almost here, which means summer is just around the corner and you’re feeling pressured to get your “summer bod” ready to go. While we’re not about dieting here at Ready to Thrive! (it’s a lifestyle!), we know those first few days of switching out your pizza with cauliflower crust and giving up the donut for a smoothie can feel insurmountably difficult. We’ve been there ourselves, even.

4 Reasons Why We Love Strawberries

One of the reasons we love spring so much is because of all of the yummy fruits that come into season! But our favorite among them would have to be strawberries. Strawberries are absolutely amazing as a snack, on top of a shortcake, in homemade jam, or in smoothies of course! But did you know all the amazing health benefits they have as well? Here are just a few of the reasons we love adding strawberries into our daily diet!

Epic Bacon Slurpee

If you’re a fan of 7-Eleven, we know you’re no stranger to the incredible, one and only 7-Eleven Slurpee. Cherry, blue raspberry, or Coca Cola, these slurpees are known worldwide for their incredible, deliciously sweet flavor...but today, we’re raising the bar. Try this Epic 7-Eleven combo, and your life will NEVER be the same. WHAT TO DO: • None Fill your Big Gulp up to the top with the flavor (or flavors) of your choice. • None Take a sip to relish in its goodness. • None Open Bacon In A Bag